About Istet Games

True. It’s a funny name, but one that embodies the very core of our beliefs. We’re a company building an engaging platform of self-discovery and learning. In that spirit, we hope you took the initiative to Google our name’s meaning. If not, we’ll give you a hint (it’s right there in our slogan). Istet translates from Romanian to ‘Smart‘. We make games that make you smart. See, you learned something new already!

At Istet Games, we believe the next generation should learn through a medium that interests and engages them. As proud parents ourselves, we have a deep desire for our kids to have deep learning experiences that foster true curiosity about the world around them. It’s this curiosity, and our inability to tear them away from the XBox, that provided the inspiration for Istet Games.

Play Smart. Get Smart.

Meet The Team

David Lance

Co-Founder / CEO

For nearly 20 years, David has been building successful multi-million dollar enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 companies. A leader and self-starter, David led each phase of the software development lifecycle. Along the way, he earned certifications from Adobe and Oracle. He is now excited to pass along his love for all STEM topics to the next generation.

David is proud to be a Texan and member of the Fighting Texas Aggie class of 2000. He has a beautiful wife and two children.

Ross Perkins

Co-Founder / Board Member

From very early in life, Ross knew entrepreneurship ran through his veins. Starting his first company at just 15 years old, Ross has built several multi-million dollar tech companies from scratch. His passion for creating is unparalleled and he knows what it takes to make an idea a tangible and impactful company.

Ross currently lives in California with his amazing wife and two daughters.

Robert Clegg

Education Games Expert

Robert created and developed the first action-adventure video game series to teach math. These games integrate state standard curriculum into mission-style adventures similar to Halo's single-player missions. Robert also created the core set of networked multiplayer games which allow students to play against each other (and other schools) across the Internet.

These products won a Macworld Editors' Choice Award in 2006 and placed us on the AlwaysOn Top 100 in 2007. The company has also received a CODiE Award in 2008 for the Best Educational Game or Simulation.