Reservation Earth

In the future, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken over and spread across the universe. Earth is now just a reservation, the last base for Humans to safely survive. Its imperative that humans fight back. Accept the challenge and save the species.


Learn To Code

Automation is the key to a successful strategy, so program your bots to do the hard work for you.

Foundational computer programming concepts are introduced using Google Blocky, a highly visual and intuitive tool for building code. Loops, conditions, variables, nesting, functions – these are the building blocks for controlling how your bots move, mine, or defend themselves from enemy bots.

Clean, efficient code will make your bots work faster. If your bot isn’t working as expected, then you will need to debug your code.

As the game advances, more complex algorithms can be programmed directly using scripting languages like JavaScript.

Explore New Worlds

Enemy AI

When enemy bots detect you or your bots on their scanners, they attack! Fight back!

You vs enemy bot: Engage in a round of melee combat to vanquish the red bots. They try to run away when their health is low, so give them chase.

Your bot vs enemy bot: Equip your bot with armor plating and weapons. Damage to your bot can be repaired by worker drones.

Personalize Your Character

Realistic Economy

Earn money by mining minerals and selling them at the refinery. Minerals can be found on all the planets, and the further from Earth, the more valuable they tend to be. 

Spend your money to buy ships for defending your bases or hauling cargo, navigation systems, mining lasers, upgrades for your bots, and more.

You can program your bots to mine for you. This way your bots do the hard labor, while you focus on strategy.


To take on a quest, find a 'Quest Giver' bot that is found roaming around the control room. 

The first quests serve as tutorials for new players. Undertaking quests is a good way to explore the game, acquire new skills, and earn rewards.

For teachers, quests are used to introduce curriculum concepts.

Coming Soon!


RESERVATION EARTH is available as an alpha release for Mac and PC computers.

Interested to help test features and gameplay?