A video game that makes learning about the immune system fun and challenging.


A video game that makes learning about the immune system fun and challenging.

Learning Advantages

No two games will be the same. Like chess, move your simple game components in a position to be most effective and let them do their work. React to the ever-changing environment, or force your strategy on others. Overwhelm the enemy.

  •  Highly engaging.
  •  Increased memory retention.
  •  Strategic thinking and problem-solving.
  •  A safe place to experiment and fail.
  •  Multiple paths to success.
  •  Immediate performance evaluation.

Game Features

Specialized Cell Features

Tuberculosis can emit fluid to poison cells around them. It can also replicate.

Puzzles Simulate Cell Membranes

To gain entry into a cell, you must solve a puzzle.

Overwhelm The Enemy

The pathogen team infects cells with the virus.

The Future

Our future takes this simulator into the world of eSports.

Select Your Team

Play as Team Immune, or Team Pathogen.

Game Analysis

Analyze your play with data and earn badges for completing objectives.

Launching on Kickstarter soon!

But for now, play the newly web-based demo and be the first to know when we launch.


Designed using Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

The beauty of The Immune Game Project lies in the interaction of the game objects. Using scientifically accurate names and scientifically correct cellular properties, game objects interact with each other the same way as found in nature. If you understand what the game object does, you understand what's happening in nature. It's the best way to learn.

The Original and How We're Improving It

The Immune Game Project is based on a prototype created at Educurious called Pathogenika. Educurious has since released the rights to the game allowing us to improve the game and inspire students to learn about how the immune system works. We will be launching on Kickstarter soon to raise the funds necessary for additional development work. 

Our initial improvements:

  •  Additional teacher and parent guides
  •  Web-based for universal access.
  •  New characters including COVID-19 and others.

What Team Are You?

Do you like to attack, or defend? Considerable knowledge of the players on both sides is the only way to success. Devise your strategy to anticipate the opponent's moves.

Our Mission

We believe... education should be experienced. Studies show that experiential learning, struggling on your own to understand, and building relationships with objects increase the memory of that topic by 40%. That's amazing!

We believe... all students should have access to fun and engaging education. The original prototype was built in 2011 using funds from The Gates Foundation. We're on a mission to bring it up to today's technology standards, making it available for all students on the web. 

We believe... traditional lecture presentation teaching methods don't work for everyone. It's better to create an environment that is engaging and fosters natural curiosity.

We believe... competition can be healthy. When in a safe environment, competition can drive students beyond their natural stopping point and excel to levels they didn't think possible.

Launching on Kickstarter soon!

Play the demo now and be the first to know when we launch.