Building The World's First eSport for Biology

Let's do better than textbooks for our kids!

  •   Talk about the pandemic without fear.
  •   Help your child learn how the body fights against viruses.
  •   Boost their confidence through knowledge.

The Immune Game will be launching soon.

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Istet Games is proud to announce our collaboration with award winning game developer, Robert Clegg!

Our Future...

eSports for Biology

A Discoverable World for Advanced Biology

  • Learn while leveling up defeating expertly designed challenges
  • Gamified battles the excite gamers and challenge students
  • Multiple winning pathways – way beyond multiple-choice tests
  • Complex systems that inspire critical thinking instead of memorization
  • Futuristic technologies that trigger an innovation mindset outside the box of the past
  • Multiplayer team-based competition. Say goodbye to the SAT and AP Bio exam.

Self Directed Learning

Each student takes the initiative for their learning journey. They char their path themselves, and they own it. This empowers them with the motivation and drive to succeed.

Freedom To Fail

Video games are a safe environment to fail in. Students learn from their mistakes and try again, in real-time. Overcoming failure helps build up their resilience, and confidence.

It's FUN!

Learning doesn't have to be boring or treated as work. When the teaching is designed and embedded into the game, students often forget that they are learning while playing.

Who Is Istet Games?

Istet Games is creating deeper learning experiences for the next generation of kids who thrive on inspiration and complex learning through digital play. The textbook, multiple-choice, and drill and kill testing of the past no longer works for a generation facing an increasingly complex present and future. Kids today are immersed in elaborate games, apps, and dynamic social media and need learning environments that are equally engaging and challenging. Istet is responding to the global pandemic by developing a 21st Century platform to learn biology which will shift the narrative of negative news to one of empowerment and the ability to overcome complex challenges. We are partnering with award-winning educational game developer Robert Clegg who pioneered the modern use of video games linked to core curriculum standards in classrooms. His games have inspired millions of students and have been played in over 40 school districts. Learn more about truly helping kids get smarter while immersed in digital play at

Howdy! I'm Dave.

Just like you, I've watched as my own two kids struggle to learn about the virus. To help, we're creating a video game to inspire kids to learn about viruses and the immune system.

Video games inspire kids to dive into complex worlds and figure them out. It's safe for them to roam around and try theories out.  Game characters begin to have personalities that kids identify with, making them less scary. 

I hope enjoy this early prototype of our game and that it inspires you to start a conversation with your kids about how the immune system works.

Join us in this journey to deeper education and understanding through immersive simulations. It's going to be a fun ride!


Dave Lance

Istet Games, CEO

The Immune Game will be launching soon.

Join the community to be notified when we launch!

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