eSport For Biology

We're building the world's first multi-player RTS eSport for Biology. Create a team with your friends and impose your will.

Play smart. Get smart.

The Immune Game Project is coming to Kickstarter soon.

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The ORIGINAL Good vs. Evil

For as long as people have existed, an unseen battle has raged. Pathogens, the original predator, have been working to destroy all that is good and resilient. It's only in modern times that humans have come to understand parts of this complex, ever-changing microenvironment. The Immune Game Project is a simulation of this epic clash... bringing a largely confusing topic into light. Learn the components of your immune system. Study how they work together. Then, formulate your strategy and win the war.

No two games will be the same. Like chess, move your simple game components in position to be most effective and let them do their work. React to the ever changing environment, or force your strategy on others. Overwhelm the enemy.

The History... And Our Future

Based on a game funded by The Gates Foundation in 2011, we taking gaming and education to the next level. 

Help Shape the Game

Join our Beta Team and be the FIRST to explore new features.


All-New Environments

We're createing all new complex environments. New biological systems, bio-threats, and nano-technologies.

Innovate the Future

The future of our immune system will depend on the innovation of the next generation.

Key Features

Choose Your Team

Play as the immune system, or as the pathogen invaders.

Real-Time Strategy

Automate cellular functions and processes.


Find your team role: Explore, Coordinate, Analyze, Attack.

Based on Science

Demonstrate your knowledge of the immune system.

Strategy Through Science

Game objects interact based on real-life science. Lymphocytes, Neutrophils, and Macrophages all display characteristics as they would in your body. Use the appropriate defense to shield incoming viruses.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Play as Team Immune or Team Pathogen. Invade or defend. Can you win as both Immune and Pathogen?

World Rankings

Can you hang against the best scientific minds in the world? If you can, your knowledge will be demonstrated and recognized. We envision this as the future of course credit and potentially resume building bragging rights.

The Immune Game Project will be coming to Kickstarter soon!

Be the first to know when we launch.

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