Istet Games is creating deeper learning experiences for the next generation of kids who thrive on inspiration and complex learning through digital play.


Play smart. Get Smart.

The Immune Game Project

How this generation will learn biology!

The Immune Game Project challenges kids to learn complex concepts and future innovation through a highly engaging video game that makes advanced learning as simple as leveling up.


Better Than A Textbook

The textbook, multiple-choice, and drill and kill testing of the past no longer works for a generation facing an increasingly complex present and future. Kids today are immersed in elaborate games, apps, and dynamic social media and need learning environments that are equally engaging and challenging. Istet is responding to the global pandemic by developing a 21st Century platform to learn biology which will shift the narrative of negative news to one of empowerment and the ability to overcome complex challenges. We are partnering with award-winning educational game developer Robert Clegg who pioneered the modern use of video games linked to core curriculum standards in classrooms. His games have inspired millions of students and have been played in over 40 school districts.

Guided Discovery Learning

Trying and failing is the most natural way to learn. For students, video games provide a safe environment to test theories and strategies. It's through this process, that students begin to develop a deep understanding of the material before them.

With guidance, students are able to follow a pathway of learning, all the while discovering for themselves the knowledge.